Muktuk Staff

Muktuk has a great crew of staff who will help make your experience the best you could hope for.

Manuela and DogsManuela Albicker

Lead dog – keeps everyone in line.

After being with Muktuk for eight year she is ready to take over the lead of the four and two-legged pack.


Pascal and BartPascal Krebs

Swing dog – everything else.

Taking care of background operations and maintenance for the resort.


JeffJeff Larsen

Swing dog – gets the job done.

As Senior Guide he is the expert for the well being of our dogs and clients.


Your Guides 2016/2017

 Jeff Larsen

CampingJeff Larsen returns to Muktuk for the 2014/2015 winter season. Hailing proudly from Saint George, New Brunswick  He enjoys guiding others through pristine wilderness. His extensive background in sea kayak guiding, love for the dogs, and sense of humor makes him a well-rounded member of the Muktuk team.