Muktuk Volunteer Crew

We welcome both Canadian and international volunteers who bring a wealth of experience and enthusiasm for dogs and people.

Muktuk volunteers are a hard-working group who support our staff both indoors and outdoors. We can always use help in area such as dog care, the greenhouse, housekeeping, maintenance, the office, recycling and energy conservation.

Our crew live onsite, meaning their care and interest in the dogs extends well beyond working hours.  They can often be seen taking dogs for a walk or cuddling with the puppies, as they grow attached to the dogs as much as you will! All volunteers in exchange for their hard work get accommodations, great home-cooked meals, internet access, and an experience not soon to be forgotten.

Dinner and bonfire and later Northern Lights viewing over the Takhini River Winter 2012/2013  October 2012 Crew -Farewell to some Irish crew  Way Back Volunteer Crew  Crew Night at the Canada Games Centre

We are always looking for eager, hard working and dog loving folks. If you are interested in becoming a part of the volunteer crew, please check out our Jobs at Muktuk page for more information.

2012/213 Winter Crew