Environmental Responsibility

Conserving resources is our way of life at the Muktuk Ranch.

We are constantly experimenting with new ways to minimize our impact on this land.

Here’s how we do it:


We are off the electricity grid so our energy is solar-powered with a diesel generator for back-up. In good summer weather, for example, we can run the lodge almost completely on solar energy with some propane for cooking needs. In winter, with about 5 hours of sunlight each day, we need to use the diesel generator more often. However, on those clear, bright winter days, we make sure to capture all the solar energy we can. Our goal is to limit the need for our diesel generator as much as possible. We use a solar-heated hot water system integrated with an outside wood burner. This lessens our reliance on the diesel generator by reducing our fossil fuel consumption by as much as 70%.
October 2012 we added new Photovaltaic Solar Panels  Solar panels compressed


In our Main Lodge, we use water from an underground well. We have a good supply but still try to conserve as much water as possible because electricity is used to pump it to our house. We use a septic tank for our waste water. That’s why we shower every other day and keep our showers short. Well water is not piped to our cabins. Instead we supply our cabins with large containers of fresh well water from the house. We have dual flush toilets in the main lodge, recommended to us by an Australian guest. These systems help save a considerable amount of water, though nowhere near as much as the cabin outhouses!

Water Collectors

Recycling and composting

We recycle wherever possible and compost our organic, non-meat scraps. This composting helps us with our greenhouse production.  ALL of our recyclable are sorted and brought to Raven Recycling in Whitehorse to ensure we contribute to the Three ‘R’ Philosophy and not contribute to increase landfill use.

Organic greenhouse

We manage an organic greenhouse which often supplies us with home-grown vegetables and herbs for our meals and banquets. Delicious!
The Garden and Greenhouse of Muktuk  Volunteers at the Summer Market in Whitehorse  Muktuk greenhouse