Guided Multi - Day CAnoeing

Canoeing in the Yukon has to be part of your summer adventures

Immerse into the peace and quiet that the Yukon offers and explore the vast and untouched wilderness while joining us on one of our guided multi day canoeing trips.

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful, natural landscapes you will ever encounter, summer in the Yukon is legendary. Vast stretches of untouched valleys come alive with the hot pink of fireweed while lakes and rivers glow with crystal-clear blue-green waters.

With only 3 nights camping the Takhini River Canoe trip out of Kusawa Lake is perfect for the whole family. You want to feel like a real stampeder, away from civilization and cell phones, join us on one of our trips on the Yukon River and camp for as many as 10 nights under the midnight sun.

We offer small group tours and are happy to customize a tour for your needs.

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