Every dog is a leader.

The relationship that forms between a musher and his team of dogs is one of sharing and trust. It is a bond that determines success for every contributor to the team.

The skills Frank Turner has acquired from working with his dogs at Muktuk — and his sled-dog teams after more than 20 years of wilderness racing with the Yukon Quest — are the same skills that support any team to work effectively together to achieve success.

“Frank is the kind of guy you’d like to run into if you’re bush-bound and out of gas for your snowmobile. A dog musher by day and a consultant by night, Frank is one Yukoner who knows his way around the back country – and without the aid of modern machinery. He’s the only musher to have competed in all 14 runnings of the 1,600 km Yukon Quest sled dog race between Whitehorse and Fairbanks, winning the epic in 1995 and placing second in 1997. When you meet him, Frank seems docile enough. But let’s face it: anybody who handles a kennel of 100+ rambunctious canines has got have more than his share of grit.”

– Chuck Tobin and Karan Smith, Essential Yukoners, July/August 1997, Up Here magazine.