Public Speaking

Every dog is a leader.

The relationship that forms between a musher and his team of dogs is one of sharing and trust. It is a bond that determines success for every contributor to the team.

The skills Frank Turner has acquired from working with his dogs at Muktuk — and his sled-dog teams after more than 20 years of wilderness racing with the Yukon Quest — are the same skills that support any team to work effectively together to achieve success.

Frank’s stories provide insights into the team-development process with both imagery and narrative from his various experiences working with his Alaskan Husky dogs, puppies, and athletic sled-dog teams. While his focus is on innovative and practical team building exercises, his entire keynote is both interactive and fun, designed to promote retention of his key points on team-building.

Frank often brings along one of his Yukon Quest team mates to help demonstrate the essentials on how to build a team, how to drive a team, and why ‘team’ is the cornerstone of each and every life story.

Keynotes and less formal speaking engagements can be delivered anywhere for any group.