non working dogs

The majority of our non working dogs are rescues which certainly does not make them any less worthy. Some of them are here to live out their lives with us, others are just on a stopover while they are waiting to find the right home for them. 

Little One

We got Little One from the shelter in Whitehorse. She was only 16 weeks old …….



River joined our family in 2016 when we took in some dogs from Alaska  …….



Cold is our big baby, we got him from the Whitehorse schelter as well. He was already 10 years old  …….


Skipper is probably the biggest clown of a dog I ever met. He has the funniest …



Smiley is also from the Shelter in Whitehorse. His former owner passed …



Pinky is one of the Dawson Gang that joined our family in 2016 …



Sarabi was born at Muktuk Adventures but her mum was a rescue that was left…



Rex is another Shelter dog, he came as a package deal with Smiley after their …



Tagish retired at a very young age of 2 due to an enlarged heart, he still …


Zazu was born at Muktuk Adventures but his mum was a rescue that was left…….



We are not even sure if that is her name, Dolly was abandoned and came …