Our Dog Care

Frank Turner and Anne Tayler have raised, trained, and cared for dogs for more than 25 years. They are highly respected and compassionate dog lovers who genuinely care about their animals, as well as the sport and reputation of dog sledding. Within the following pages, you will learn more about the Muktuk Philosophy on dog care, breeding, housing, nutrition, exercise, and health maintenance.


“I was surprised to learn that Turner’s dogs are treated with as much respect – if not more – than any suburban poodle. They are given the latest in homoeopathic and naturopathic foods and treated like members of a large, mostly canine family. … Though Turner frequently takes in local dogs in need of a better home, he has only recently started an adoption programme for retired sled dogs.”

– Robin Esrock, August 2008, Tracking the Yukon QuestExplore magazine.