Our Philosophy

Some of our dogs are Yukon Quest veterans. Some are retirees. Others are race hopefuls in their first or second year of training.

Our first priority, however, is excellent and humane dog care from birth throughout each dog’s life.

We feed our dogs top quality food year round, not seasonally.

We do not offer cart rides in summer because this could cause heat stress. Instead, we take them on walks and let them run free in groups, play around, and swim in the Takhini River. Guests are encouraged to get wet, too!

We also do our best to provide quality medical care for all our dogs. They work hard for us in their younger years so we look after them well in retirement.

Our senior dogs get special care and special food. They are treated like royalty for good reason.

We provide palliative care to our older dogs.

As long as a dog is eating, drinking, mobile and not in discomfort, we believe they deserve to be well looked after in their retirement.

We never ‘cull’ our kennel. Never.

We do not sell or place dogs, but we do occasionally adopt retired dogs to good homes.

Putting our dog care beliefs into practice involves increased costs for vet care, food and medication. We believe our dogs are worthy of quality care and we believe our guests to Muktuk Ranch support this philosophy.