Mush With Pride

Scientists have made great strides in their understanding of dog physiology, psychology and behavior. Attached is the Mush with P.R.I.D.E. Sled Dog Care Guidelines, 3rd edition, which validates sled dog care methods that have been practiced for more than a century.

BC Task Force Sled Dog Code of Practice

In February 2011 the Province of British Columbia formed a task force with representatives from sled dog adventure operations, the BC SPCA, veterinarians, and the province dedicated to reviewing the sled dog industry. Frank Turner was invited to participate on this task force, and served as the only out-of-province sled dog adventure operator on the team, recognized for his ethical practice and years of operation.

In April 2011, the task force released its report and Premier Christy Clark announced the Province’s support and action on all 10 of the Sled Dog Task Force’s recommendations. In June 2011 the Province amended legislation to give B.C. the toughest animal cruelty penalties in Canada. In February 2012, the Province, sled dog industry, veterinarians, and the BC SCPA jointly created Canada’s first Sled Dog Code of Practice and Standards of Care, to enhance the health and welfare of all sled dogs in B.C.

Taking care of sled dogs to high standards is not easy nor cheap. Whistler Sled Dog Co. whom also made it their mandate to have animal welfare as their top priority is currently looking for homes for their 86 dogs. They are adopting out their dogs to ensure BC Task Force Sled Dog Code of Practice is upheld.

Case Study on Sled Dog Housing and Tethering

This research report looks at a random selection of 300 purebred Siberian Huskies to determine best practices for housing and tethering.

 International Sled Dog Veterinary Medical Association 

This association of veterinarians are involved with many major sled dog races and meet annually to share current information related to the health and treatment of sled dogs.

Sled Dog Central

This website contains everything you want to know about dog sledding, including dog care.  Check for an interview with Frank Turner under the Mushers link.