Rookie Ranch PLUS 1

Our booking system is being re-modelled and is under construction.

We DO have space in our accommodations and on our tours. Please email us at or 1-867 668-3647 and we will help you with any arrangements you want to make.

Experience the best of two worlds!

Dog sled with the comfort of a cabin or lodge for a few nights and one night camping in the true wilderness.

Yukon wildernessDog sled through the remote wilderness of the Yukon with mountains and a sun dog to guide you during the day.

Northern Lights

Rest and take in the beauty that only Canada’s North and the Yukon can offer.

Your Itinerary:

Day One
Arrive for 4pm check-in Sunday. Get acquainted with our off-grid lifestyle.
Day Two
Meet your guide and sign out your gear for your trip. Let’s not waste any more time and introduce you to our family of huskies and your dog-team for your adventure. Take a break for lunch and get out on the sled for a half day afternoon trip.
Day Three
Prepare for another day on the trail, this time a full day trip. Enjoy lunch on the trail around a camp fire. Learn about Klondike Gold Rush history and Muktuk Yukon Quest history and involvement. Share stories and continue to learn about your team and what it takes to motivate one.
Day Four
After now mushing for a couple days and developing your skills, take it to our technical trails in the bush surrounding Muktuk. Spend the other half of your day on pack-out for your camping trip.
Day Five
Depart for camping in the morning, get a whole day of sledding in and make camp for your overnight.
Day Six
Return from camping to Muktuk in the late afternoon. Enjoy a special farewell dinner featuring our Taste of the Yukon bountiful meal. Finally, your guide will present to you your completion certificate.
Day Seven
Give your farewells to the dogs and prepare for checkout 11am.  Transfer to the airport or to your hotel in town if you choose to explore Whitehorse a bit longer.

Takhini River Dog Sled

Included in the tour:

  • Introduction to sled-dogs and mushing
  • Well-trained, certified guide and a team of 4 to 6 friendly huskies
  • Winter gear (jacket, snow pants, warm boots, mitts available. If you want, you can buy your own thermal underwear from us at a special Muktuk rate)
  • Accommodation and fine home-cooked meals, continental breakfast to get your morning started
  • Out on the trail your guide will prepare you meals over your campfire
  • Camping gear provided, including sleeping bag, Arctic Oven Tent
  • Ground transportation
  • At the end of the trip, enjoy our “Taste of Yukon” Dinner and Sourdough Musher Certificate

You will learn how to care for the dogs, harness and “bootie” them and handle a dog-sled and motivate a team.

Some dogs are Yukon Quest veterans, others are race hopefuls in their 1st or 2nd year of training. At the end of the day Rookies can help with evening feeding and share trail stories over a fine dinner.

Retreat location outside of Whitehorse in the Ibex Valley allows for spectacular Northern Lights viewing.


Alcoholic Beverages
Personal toiletries (shampoo/body wash etc)
All expenses of personal nature

Available Tour Start Dates:


Payment and Cancellation Policy:

Non-refundable reservation fee at time of booking – 20 %
100% Payment 45 days before departure of trip
Cancellation 45 -21 days in advance – 50 % refund (less reservation fee)
Cancellation less than 21 days in advance – no refund
In case of cancellation all payments are transferable for up to one year.


Adult prices quoted, without GST. Reduced rates available for youth and children. Prices are subject to change.

If English isn’t your first language we have guides who speak German and Japanese, and support crew members working with us from other countries who may be able to assist on a tour in your preferred language.

* Average temperatures at this time of winter are between -2° and – 24° Celsius / 28 to -31 degrees Fahrenheit, but extremes may be as low as -45° Celsius / -50 Fahrenheit. We ask you to bring adequate clothing to withstand these temperatures. You may buy winter clothing in Whitehorse.

* Due to variables of weather and road conditions and the needs and safety of the dogs and participants, Muktuk Adventures Ltd explicitly reserves the right to adapt the tour itinerary.  Changes to the itinerary at the discretion of the guide are possible.

* Canadian law requires that you sign a ‘release of claims and waiver of liability form’ prior to participating on this trip.

*Exclusive solo-trips (or couples) available at a surcharge of 25%

*Please ensure you invest in travel insurance for your trip.