Working dogs

Each of our dogs has their own personality, physcial capability and mental strenght. It is our job to make sure that each dog is working in a team where he or she can thrive at their best while being happy and healthy. 


Piper is the sweetest little girl. She is full of energy and always ready for an adventure. She also loves to spend her nights in a cabin and snuggle up.
Piper is not a fan of other females.


Pelly joined our family in 2020. He was given to us from a racing kennel that was looking to re-home some of their dogs that no longer fit in their team. Pelly is a  sweet dog with an old dog personality.  


Dasher is out of our Reindeer litter which was not a planned breeding but we are so happy to have them around. Dasher is a little whirlwind that is super fun to be around. She is easygoing and loves to work 


Luna joined our family in 2017. She came from a private home where she caused too much trouble. Luna is very dominant and likes to have all the attention. She is a playful girl and high energetic girl 


Nahanni joined our family in 2015, she was given to us from a racing kennel. Nahanni had two litters of puppies since she is with us. Both of them where her choice. She is a lovely independent and dominant female


Dobby is out of the Harry Potter Litter. At 9 years old he does not show any sign of slowing down anytime soon. He is one of those great ones yet never really stands out, he knows his stuff but never brags about it.  


 Alki joined our family in 2020. She was given to us from a racing kennel that was looking to re-home some of their dogs that did not fit in their team. Alki is a super outgoing dog and a huge fan of hugs and kisses 


Timbi joined our family in 2015 as a boarding dog and ended up staying with us. He  like the movie star under the dogs and he behaves that way as well. He loves attention and showing off his beauty in pictures


Bog is one of the Dawson gang and joined our family in 2016. He is a big dog that is super playful. He is a total clown and loves to hang out in the Cabin with us. He is also super strong and loves to work next to his brohter


 Cirrus is out of our cloud litter. He is a beautiful dog that  has a lot of energy and never seems to get tired. He is a little too crazy and other dogs faces  so most male dogs are not a fan of him. Ritter however is his best buddy.


Vixen is another girl out of our reindeer litter. She is the smallest in size but makes up for that with her quirky and silly personality. An absolute sweetheart with just the right mix of a little crazy and sweet makes her perfect


Hardrock joined our family in 2020. She was given to us from a racing kennel that was looking to re-home some of their dos that do not run in their team. Hardrock is a super sweet and energetic girl with a little attitude.  


Stubby joined our family in 2016. He came all the way from Alaska where his previous owner had to make lifestyle changes due to health. Stubby is a super sweet and crazy strong dog for its size.  


Comet was born in December to a litter of  9 puppies so it was a easy decision to name them after Santa’s reindeer. Comet is a quirky little girl that loves her food and a good run around with her sisters  


Buster is one of the Dawson gang and the brother of Bog. The two of them make a great team, though they tend to get a little to excited a hook up. Buster is just as playful as his brother just in a more serious way 


Ritter is another one of our energy bunnies. He  is always happy, though he is not much of a morning dog, he likes to sleep in. Ritter is named after a chocolate bar maybe that is the reason why everybody loves him 


Hawk is a little superstar. He is a son of our late boy Khumbu, he is a great worker, always happy, always ready to go, always hungry and super sweet. Hard to believe that he is already 8 years old this summer. 


Barkley joined our family in 2020. He was given to us from a racing kennel that was looking to re-home some of their dogs that do not fit in their team. Barkley is a super fun and goofy boy as well as incredibly handsome  


Alpine joined our family in 2016. He came together with his brother Stubby. Alpine is a beautiful dog, that loves to pull. He is very independent and likes to go off to explore on his own. Just like his brother he is super strong.  


Legion is one of the Dawson gang. Back in 2016 we took in 12 dogs from a musher in Dawson City due to life style changes. Legion is a black beauty and looks a lot like a wolf. He has a super sweet personality.


Zevon is one of our young and upcoming stars. He likes to act tough but he is super sweet and very beautiful. Bog and Buster are his best buddies. Zevon is named after the musician Warren Zevon. 


Lure is one of the Dawson Gang that joined our Family back in 2016. Lure. She is a master in tying knots into the gangline, tugline, neckline, just any line. Lure always has a smile on her face and is the biggest clown ever.

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