Manuela Larsen

Manuela was born and raised in a small village in the south of Germany. She always loved spending time outdoors. Following in the footsteps of her grandfather, father and uncle Manuela is a carpenter. Following her 3-year education she traveled within Germany for a bit. Back in the day it was not very easy to find employment as a female carpenter and she decided to study architecture. It was not long until she realized she can not spend the rest of her days behind a desk and pursued her dream to travel to Canada. In the fall of 2006, she left Germany with a 1-year work and travel Visa. In late spring of 2007, she arrived in the Yukon and fate had her starting what was supposed to be a 2-month volunteer placement at Muktuk Adventure. 2 months turned into the summer, which turned into a winter season and after a year it was pretty clear that either all the dogs would have to come with her or she would have to stay.

Jeff Larsen

Jeff always loved the outdoors and, in the winter of 2012, got introduced to the amazing life with sled dogs while guiding with Muktuk Adventures. He thrives being in the back country with the dogs, exploring new trails and enjoying the solitude.

He has been guiding for the past 35 years in different aspects of the field. His introduction to guiding was as a canoe and sea kayak guide in New Brunswick, on the east coast of Canada, where Jeff was born and raised. He has an outdoor adventure diploma from the Thompson River University. He spent 6 consecutive seasons leading sea kayak trips on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. He was an instructor for Outward Bound and National Outdoor Leadership School during which time he has co-led 30-day sea kayaking trips in SE Alaska.
The winter of 2012 brought Jeff to the Yukon, where he got introduced to the amazing life with sled dogs while guiding for Muktuk Adventures.
He also got introduced to the good food of Manuela and the rest is history.

In 2015 Manuela and Jeff got married

Seasonal and Full-time employment

We could not do what we do without the help of our amazing staff. We do have guides for summer, fall and winter season as well as dedicated yard workers that put the health and safety of our dogs and visitors as their first priority.

Volunteer Opportunity

A great opportunity to experience a simpler and basic lifestyle. Volunteers will stay in one of our off-grid cabin. No running water, no electricity and no WIFI will make this a very unique experience. The work with our dogs will add to this one in a life time adventure. Be warned it will be hard to leave the dogs. 

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