Our Wilderness Lodge

We love welcoming visitors from all around the world to our beautiful lodge, located along the shores along the Takhini River in the idyllic Ibex Valley

Build with Sitka Spruce from Alaska our Lodge has a rustic charm and cozy feel to it. Surrounded by the natural beauty of trees, wildlife and our amazing dogs you will experience a profound sense of tranquillity and harmony. From waking up to the sound of bird chirping, enjoying breathtaking views for the forest and the Takhini river in the summer time to the possibility to seeing Northern Lights in the fall and winter, the connection to nature that our location offers is invaluable.

Living in a log cabin goes hand in hand with embracing a simpler and more sustainable lifestyle. We are off grid, which means we are not connected to any power or water lines and maintain our own septic system. Our hot water and heat in our main lodge is generated by solar power. We are proud that we are running 100% of solar during the summer. We do rely on generator back up during the dark winter month. To keep our footprint and impact as small as possible we ask our guest to avoid excessive water and electricity use.

Our beautiful log home has two stories. The top floor has 3 bedrooms, a living room and 2 bathrooms. The main floor has the dining and living rooms, kitchen and an additional bathroom. Our kitchen is not a public kitchen, if you are staying at our lodge, you booked a package that includes all meals.

If you like to have the ultimate wilderness experience and be more independent choose one of our wilderness cabins.


We pride ourselves in serving healthy and homecooked meals for our visitors, Manuela loved cooking growing up and while she is not a trained chef, we guarantee you will not be disappointed with the food we serve.

The word on the street is that you will never have a better cheesecake than here.

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