Northern Lights

and Huskies

Oct 1st to Nov 15th
  • Single traveler surcharge if private room required $250
  • Book ahead .
  • gst not included
  • If booking online there will be a non refundable booking fee.
  • 2 nights accommodation in our Wilderness Lodge or you true Yukon Cabin (private bathroom/outhouse)
  • 1/2 day training with the dogs, either on a bicycle or as a passenger on the ATV
  • 1/2 day at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve
  • pick up and drop off at the airport or downtown
  • all meals while staying on site
  • possibility of seeing northern lights from the lodge (not guided)
Not Included:
  • travel insurance (we highly recommend that you get travel insurance)
  • flights from and to Whitehorse
  • alcoholic beverages (beer and wine for sale on site)
  • personal hygienic items

Aurora Borealis and Huskies in the Yukon

You love dogs, the outdoors and always dreamed of seeing the Aurora Borealis

Our Aurora Borealis package is the perfect choice for you.
Rustic and cozy accommodation, delicious home cooked meals, fun activities and a chance to see the aurora. All of that without leaving the comfort of our lodge.

October – when it is still fall but in the Yukon Winter has its foot on the door step.

Most of the leaves have disappeared, nights are below freezing and the mornings are crisp. It is the time of the year when having a hot chocolate next to a fire place is the best thing in the world.

It could snow any day and pancake ice will start flowing down the Takhini river. Skies are filled with stars and the possibility of seeing the Aurora Borealis increases. There is no denying anymore Winter is on its way.

Join us and our friendly dogs during this quiet time of year and experience the beauty nature holds day and night.

Aurora Borealis and Huskies – Itinerary

Day 1 – Arrival
Your adventure with us will start at the moment we meet you at the airport or at a hotel in downtown Whitehorse.

From there it will take us about 25 min to reach our lodge nestled in the Ibex Valley. Once you settled into your room or cabin you can meet our furry family or explore the surrounding before dinner is served around 6pm.

At dinner time we will discuss the phenomen of the Aurora Borealis, talk about campear settings and the best spots to capture them.

Day 2 – Dogs and Wildlife
After a hearty and healthy breakfast you will learn what it takes to work with sled dogs, and get a chance to harness up some dogs.

You will experience the incredible enthusiasm of the yard all ready to go once they see the harness. They just can`t wait to go to work and the whole yard is cheering them on.

Once our team of up to 12 dogs is hooked up to the ATV and we are leaving the yard there will be silence. Everybody is focused on their job and that is when you get to ask all the questions that been going through your head during the process of getting them ready.

Depending on the temperatures we will be spending 30 to 45 min on the trail. Back in the yard you are encourage to help feed and water them while giving them all a big thank you cuddle.

After the ride we will take a group of our retired dogs for a walk to the shores of the Takhini river. More time to talk dog and also a chance for you to see what all our dogs get to do during their summer break.

All morning in the fresh air will have you hungry for lunch time.

Get your cameras ready
After our lunch break we have a short 20minute drive to the Yukon Wildlife Preserve. There you will go on a guided tour with one of our enthusiastic guide to learn all about our local wildlife while getting a chance to take some incredible pictures or just enjoying the leisurely walk.

Dinner will be served around 6pm again and after that you have some time to relax before heading outside again to watch if the Aurora Borealis appear in the night sky.

Day 3 – Departure Day
After 2 nights of staying up late this will be your sleep in morning. We will decide as a group of you would like to have breakfast at the regular time between 8 and 9am or if you would like to have a brunch around 11am. Either way the morning is free for you to relax.

In the afternoon it will be time to say good buy to your new four legged friend before we will bring you to the airport or a hotel in downtown depending on your prior travel arrangement.

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