Ibex Husky Express

The Yukon Winter is just around the corner and our Alaskan Huskies can’t wait to get out on the trails again

From late August to late November, join us for a training run as you ride along with a team of up to 12 Alaskan Huskies  hooked up to an all terrain vehicle.  Enjoy the ride and feel for yourself  how strong a team of dogs really is!

You have two options

Option 1:  Join Just the actual Training Run
(Yukoner Rate only $35 per person, approximately 1.5 hours in total)

To start off your adventure you will be greeted by our oldie/retired dogs.
You will receive a breif introduction to our lifestyle and what you can expect from the training run ahead.
Now it is time to harness our dog team, you are encourage to jump right in and assist under supervision in getting the team ready for their run. Once it is time to hook up the dogs there will be a lot of excitement and you can decide if you are ready to assist with bringing the dogs to the line or take in the sight of how excited the dogs are before their run.

Your guide will be driving the dog team out of the yard while you will be joining as a passenger. Once we are off our driveway and on the forest trails you have a chance to take over the wheel and drive the team.

Depending on the time of the year and the temperature the distance will vary. Early in the season we will be stopping more for the dogs to rest.  Time spend on the trail will be between 30 to 45 min.

Back in the dogyard you can assist snacking and watering your team and giving them all a big hug and thank you before bringing them back to their houses.

Option 2: Training Run + a walk to the shores of the Takhini River
(Yukoner Rate only $70 per person, approx 3 hours in total)

Training Run as described above.

After we finished taking care of our team we will take a different team of dogs for a fun and interactive walk to the shores of the Takhini River.
See for yourself what our dogs do when they are not working during the summer month.

Early in the season there will be beautiful fall colors and we even might spot a beaver in the river.

Booking details: Call OR email your booking inquiry OR select the book now button to book online. There will be an additional fee for booking online.

Transportation: We can provide return transportation to downtown Whitehorse at and additional cost of $25 per person.

Yukoner Rate starting at $35pp

September – November

Duration: 1 – 3 hours

Book ahead .