Half & Full Day Canoeing Trips

Full Day Canoe Trip

Takhini to Yukon River

  • Advanced reservations required

Tranquility and History while paddling the world famous Yukon River.

Join us and some of our four legged friends for a peaceful guided paddle along the Takhini and Yukon River.

Our starting point for this tour will be the Takhini River. We will take in behind our lode and enjoy the morning paddling towards the Yukon River. Once on the Yukon we will have a shore lunch and continue on the historic route of the gold rush stampeders.

Learn from our experienced guides about the waterways, the fish in our lakes and rivers, the landscapes and the wildlife that we are sharing this beautiful part of the World with. One will also never know what we might see along the way. There are lots of beaver houses along the shore, bald eagles are nesting along the way and there might even be a moose or a bear that shows it’s presence.

Starting time will be 9:30am at Muktuk Adventures. We can pick up from downtown Whitehorse at a modest fee

What better way is there to discover the beauty of the Yukon than spending a day on the river.

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